Monday, December 8, 2014

The CVG Podcast and Rhythm & Blues Revue - Episode #010: Boogie Choosin'!

The ladies are all about the monocle...

Episode Ten of The Chippewa Valley Geek Podcast and Rhythm & Blues Revue is complete and can be found here or on iTunes and Stitcher!

We're back from an accidental hiatus, and we're talking about freewill and fate in our lives and in our games!

0:00:00  Intros
0:02:02  The Up Front: On choosing to choose poorly
0:07:05  The Interview:  Author and illustrator Matt Youngmark tells us about the Choose-o-matic Book Series, vouches for the creative influence of Jean-Claude Van Damme, and takes on the Geek-del Test!
0:30:24  Payin' some bills

0:34:54  The Roundtable:  Wherein Mike and Donny fulfill their destiny by defending the fantasy that they have some control over their sad, pathetic lives.  Also, we discover a long lost classic of geek literature together!
1:52:25  A rebuttal of sorts

1:53:42  A non-calendar and a long-distance dedication
1:54:46  Outro & Credits
1:56:31  Bonus Track:    CN Woman Boogie!

What do you want from me?  I've been listening to an awful lot of John Lee Hooker lately...

Hey, how about some show notes?

Check out Matt Youngmark and the Choose-o-matic book series!
Here's a great place to get Time Travel Dinosaur!


Choose Your Own Adventure!

Neil Patrick Harris:  Choose Your Own Autobiography!

Garycon!  Where the grognards gather...

"Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead", by Tom Stoppard!

5th Edition gives you a do-over!

The Geek's twitter!

Author and illustrator Matt Youngmark!

The Choose-o-matic book series!
Zombiepocalypse Now!
Thrusts of Justice!
Time-Travel Dinosaur!

Dinosaur Comics by Ryan North!

Free RPG Day!

The Conspiracy Friends webcomic!

Freewill, on Amazon!

Support the ASPCPC!

Experiments on the neuroscience of freewill!

LaPlace's Demon!

Shaun of the Dead!

The Casca series!

Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, the source of the concept of "psychohistory"!

The "Kobiyashi Maru" - a supposedly no-win scenario, and all the folks who beat it!

I6 - Ravenloft!  The original module!

Hollywood's always gotta do a sequel...  so,
I10 - Ravenloft II: The House on Gryphon Hill!

The World of Darkness!  Sorry, Jack

Star Wars and Farsight!

The Reluctant Hero!

The Dungeons and Dragons kids better feckin' knock it off...

The Hero's Journey!

John Carter of Mars was much better than you probably think!

So were the books!

Pick your Bond!

Liam Neeson has a very specific set of skills!

The Fighting Fantasy series!

Because Serenity!

Serenity now!

Hey kids, it's Summer Glau!

Area 51!

Dr. Nera Vivaldi is an actual thing...

Captain Kirk's cannon!  Again.

You have died of dysentery.  Naturally.

"The Grand Design" by Stephen Hawking

This episode is dedicated to the memory of R. A. Montgomery!

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Remember you can get your own copies of the bonus tracks out at Bandcamp!

PC Stinger:  Matt Youngmark's Calavert of the Great Northern Bear Tribe

The backing sound effects used in this episode included:

-  "Melancholic Interpretation in G#", obtained via via a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial license.  The original file can be found here.