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Of Kids and Canon: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season Two

If you missed the interview on Season Onecheck it out here....

So it took quite a long time, but we finally got through all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season Two.  There were a lot more episodes than in Season One obviously, but the quality is definitely better, so thankfully my own attitude was more "Wait til you see this one," and less apologizing and saying "It gets better" the whole time.  Anyway, on to the post-game commentary...

Me:  So tell me what you thought of the second season of Buffy.

R:  It was awesome and cool and amazing and I really liked it and I thought it was awesome.

The surprising "big bad" of Season Two?
British soccer hooligans...
Me:  How was it different from Season One?
R:  Because Angel turned bad, and there's just different things that they're doing and things that are worse than the Master coming at Buffy and I just think that's super cool.

Me:  Like what?
R:  Like how Angel turned bad.  That was actually worse than the Master.  And Spike was worse than the Master.  But it's all like changing as it goes along, because Spike is bad the whole time, and he just wont go away, and also like in the last episode he's trying to save the world with Buffy.  So there's a lot of different changes and stuff that I really like.

Me:  So it wasn't too confusing how fluid everything was?
R:  No, not at all.  It was more awesome than weird.  And its also a little sad, because lots of people died and Miss Calendar died.
What's the worst that could possibly happen?

Me:  So was that the worst part of the season for you?
R:  Yeah, the saddest parts were the worst part for me.

Me:  What was your favorite part?
R:  The whole season was my favorite part.  I didn't really have one.  But I liked Season 2 better than Season 1, that's all I would say.

Me:  Did you have a favorite episode?
R:  Well I think the last one ("Becoming") is a little bit sad and a little bit fun and a little bit unfun all at the same time, so I think that one's the favorite.

Me:  So Buffy left town at the end of the last episode.  What do you think is going to happen to her next and what's going to happen in Season 3?
"Thank you!  Thank you!  I'm here all week!  Try the stake!"

R:  Maybe other vampires are going after her and maybe she goes to a different school library and it ends up Giles moves to that library too.  So there's other different sound effects in there too that I really might like.  But we don't know what happens until it does happen.

Me:  Do you think Sunnydale is worse off now or better off?
R:  Worse off because Buffy wont be there to protect that school.   She'll be protecting other places not there.

Me:  So it was awesome when Angel turned evil, right?
R:  Not super but it was pretty cool.
Tony Fleecs rules
Me:  And the part where she stabbed him at the end, that was like extra cool right?
R:  No, it was SAD.
And not funny.  AT ALL.

Me:  I'll have to take your word for that.  So who's cooler right now, Angel or Spike?
R:  I think Spike because hes always been bad and the last episode hes just like "Buffy, I want to save the world with you... blah blah blah blah blah".  

Me:  Ok, fistbump for Team Spike.


Me:  What did you think about the non-vampire-y monsters?
R:  Awesome.  

Me:  Did you have a favorite villain that wasn't a vamp?
R:  I think it would be the werewolf because it turns out to be Oz and that's super awesome I think.  So I would vote for the werewolf.
TWIST!  It wasn't the dingoes, baby!

Me:  That's right, because you predicted in our last interview that Willow would die this season - where not only did she not die, but she got a boyfriend.  How did you feel about that?
R:  Good.

Me:  Is Oz cooler than Spike?
R:  Oh yeah.  He's in a band and everything.  But I love that Spike in the last episode just lies and says he's in a band and Buffy does the drums.  That's just funny and I love that part.

Me:  How do you feel about The Judge?
R:  Really cool and funny.  You know...  "What's that do?"  (Unintelligible laughter)

The inherent risks of omakase dining writ large
Me:  Fish people monsters?
R:  Funny

Me:  Lovelost ghosts?
R:  Sad and cool

Me:  People turning into their Halloween costumes?
R:  First I thought it was awesome but once I saw that (Ethan Rayne) was behind it I was a little freaked out.  Like how could he do that?

Me:  What did you think about Xander and Cordelia?
R:  Freaky crazy!  Who would have thought of them as a couple?

"Outpunting one's coverage":  Exhibit A
Me:  Were you mad about it like Willow was?
R:  I was a little mad about it like Willow.

Me:  How about Kendra the Vampire Slayer?
R:  I thought she was really cool but I didnt know there was going to be two slayers.  But when EVERY slayer dies a new one comes.

Me:  Principal Snyder?
R:  Not cool.  But I think its funny how in the last ep he gets all mad at Buffy but she just pulls out the sword and he's like "Uh...   I'll stop talking.."

Me:  Do you think he could be the villain in Season Three?
R:  Maybe.  It's possible he can try to kill Buffy with how much he doesn't like her...

Me:  Do you have any predictions for Season 3 before we start watching it?
R:  No I don't think yet.  Maybe next time I'll have a prediction for Season 4.  Maybe the next villain will be a werewolf-vampire?

Me:  Thanks!

It gets better.  Except for gym class.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Battlegame Book Series #4 of 20: Galactic War (Vol. 3) – Invasion Earth!

Narration from a Scottish redhead...
When I was a little boy I had one of the five volumes in the Usborne Battlegame Book series by Andrew McNeil. It was called Fighting Ships (#5) and it was published in the UK in 1975.  It was chock full of pictures and helpful information on the inside, and contained four complete wargames (with pieces, rules and gameboards in the book) that could help your imagination travel anywhere in time and space. This year, I decided to (re)collect and (re)play the entire series. And we've been playing ever since...


For the second half of our recent double-header, we moved on to Volume 3 of the series, Galactic War.  To say that this book, not being devoted to a particular period of military history, is an aberrration among the Battlegame Books would be quite an understatement.  The first half is a brief overview of basic astronomy and cosmology and a history of the space program circa 1975.  (For the record, my single favorite part of the book is how it describes the amazing success of the Skylab program in the present tense.)  As there has not actually been any galactic war though of which we are aware (at least at the time of press), the second half of the book delves into the purely speculative "someone thinks this might be something that could happen someday" digression, including the four wargames, which are pure matinee sci-fi schlock at its best.

Invasion Earth! is no exception and is definitely chock full of wtf-itude.  The scenario revolves around an attempt by an amphibious alien race called the Ganoids (Dastardly Donny here, largely due to the physical resemblance) to conquer the Earth by planting enough breeding pods into the Pacific Ocean to spawn and overwhelm the puny humans.  As you do.

The other player (me here) takes on the role of Earth's woefully underfunded and undermanned Pacific Command, charged with the task of eliminating enough of the breeding pods as they are seeded to prevent the Ganoid invasion from achieving critical mass.

The first Ganoid craft lands off the coast of Peru
The earth forces consist of essentially four fleets:  two slow-moving submarines, a much faster aircraft squadron and a middling attack hydrofoil.  In addition, the Pacific Command controls three one-shot orbital missle satellites which "scroll" across the top of the board each turn.  

By contrast, the Ganoid player controls six "beacon" space ships, with no real movement capacity to speak of.  Each turn, one ship may be landed anywhere on the board as desired.  The following turn, that craft generates a spawning craft, while another beacon ship may be landed elsewhere.  On the third turn, the spawning craft is submerged beneath the ocean depths, and the beacon ship may depart to anywhere else on the board.  The object of the game is for the Ganoid player to get 10 craft submerged successfuly (or 8 submerged in a contiguous group, which is far more unlikely to happen), at which point humanity is overwhelmed by dripping aliens clawing up the beaches, dogs and cats start living together and...  well, you get the idea.

A submarine fleet takes out a submerged breeding pod near Vancouver, while a Ganoid beacon ship considers its next move
If at any point before the spawning craft is successfully submerged, that square is attacked by the Earth hydrofoil or aircraft, everything within the square is destroyed.  (This obviously dictates the primary Ganoid strategy, which is to spread out landing sites at the edges of the board, to delay humanity's response in best hopes to get as many pods underwater as possible.)  Once submerged, neither the hydrofoil nor the aircraft may make an attack on a spawning craft, but it is then exposed to submarine fleet attack.  Of course the two submarines move with such agonizing slowness, they are of limited usefulness and lethality, depending on where the Ganoids manage to effect their landings.

Finally, the three orbital missle satellites (or OMS's) are the Earth player's one major ace in the hole.  They track across the top of the board by one space per turn, and at a certain point each may be used to "nuke" a square in the column beneath from orbit.  Everything within that square is destroyed (whether submerged or not), and that OMS is then removed from the board.  You get three shots only.  Make them count.

The Final Positions
As we commenced the game, my initial strategy was to attack the beacon ships directly as they landed, thinking I could quickly end the game by taking out these six units asap.  Donny was quite adept at spreading my forces out across the board though, and it quickly became very unfeasible for me to reach enough of the beacons before they took off for other parts.  As a strategem for victory, it proved unlikely to be effective.

After a brief re-assessment, I began to concentrate on the spawning craft instead.  The Ganoid player has a supply of 16, and realizing the impossibility of him submerging 8 in a contiguous grouping before being attacked by my aircraft, it became a matter of simple math.  If I could destroy 7 of the spawners, Donny would be entirely unable to meet his victory conditions.  

I think I already had destroyed one grouping in mid-spawn by this point, and subtracting the three nuke hits I expected when my OSMs were lined up where I wanted them to be, this meant I had to take out just three more of the pods with my mobile units.  It was honestly touch and go there for a while...  Ultimately though, my subs were able to reach just enough of alien landing sites to tip the balance towards the defenders and victory was mine.

Here is how Invasion Earth! fared in our scoring:

                                      Donny         Brian
Quick to lean           3                  3
The rules themselves were simply stated but took a good while for us to wrap our heads around, such as the alien forces having no attack value or movement speed.  We were repeatedly confused by the human units having their attack value printed on the unit (instead of the speed), and the differentiation between which units could attack aliens on the surface or submerged was not immediately clear.

Cool factor               5                  4
I was particularly fond of the OMS mechanic.  An interestying variant would be if the satellite attacked everything in the row beneath, not just one square in the row.  (On the first read-through of the rules, that was actually my interpretation of their attack capability.)

Replayability            4                 4
This game does not just lend itself to replayability, it demands it.  We both felt it took us most of the game to get our bearings in terms of how it worked, and that it would require additional plays to fully get the hang of.

Balance                    3                 3
It was hard for us to sense any particular slant during our game, but the tips and suggestions included on the rules page suggest making the game harder for the Ganoid player after a few plays by adding OMSs, which definitely implies a biad towards the alien side in the base game.

Overall                     3.625

Some pages of Volume 3: Galactic War

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The CVG Podcast and Rhythm & Blues Revue - Episode #009: What Is And What Should Never Be!

My poor head...

Episode Nine of The Chippewa Valley Geek Podcast and Rhythm & Blues Revue is complete and can be found here or on iTunes and Stitcher.

It's the start of Season Two, and you're getting a veritable cannonade about canon in this episode!

0:00:00  Intros
0:02:06  The Up Front: On race and re-casting canon
0:12:25  The Interview:  Tom Foss of The Fortress of Soliloquy explains the point of canon, lets us know where it goes horribly wrong, and takes on the Geek-del Test!
0:56:12  Payin' some bills

1:01:26  The Roundtable:  Wherein Donny and Mike heap their scorn on canon, then decide they're kind of OK with it after all, and then go and choose the wrong cannon!
1:45:31  The Community Calendar

1:50:44  Outro & Credits
1:52:05  Bonus Track:    Sagan the Blues!

Sweet Monkey Jesus, do we have some Show Notes and Links this time!

Make sure to complete The Chippewa Valley Geek 2014 Reader & Listener Poll

Felicia Day's "high school essay" on race and casting

Don't get these guys mixed up...

Doctor Who and The Talons of Weng-Chiang!

Dungeons and Dragons: The Movie - Oh the humanity...

The Hitchhiker's Guide movie  (Now is a good time to panic.)

Hey kids, it's Kate Mara!

House of Cards
Kevin Spacey and the worst Cockney accent ever...

Shira Brie came first.

Jupiter's Legacy! by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely (It gets brutal...)

The Return of Donna Troy! by Phil Jemenez

Daredevil! by Mark Waid

Wolverine & The X-Men! by Jason Aaron

If you liked the first 150 pages of the Silmarillion, you'll love DC's 52, by Johns / Morrison / Waid / Rucka.

Spider-Man: One More Day

Spider-Man: Brand New Day

The New 52

Grant Morrison is a genius, pure and simple.

Check out his amazing interviews w/ Kev Smith on Fatman on Batman here, here and here!

Adventures of Superman

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight

All-New X-Men! by Brian Michael Bendis

Amazing Fantasy # 15! by Lee / Ditko

The Death of Superman! by Dan Jurgens and a bunch of people

Tom Foss's Walking with Superman blog project.  It's pretty farking clever.

The 8th Doctor Audio Adventures

The Night of the Doctor: Mini Episode featuring #8

Garth Ennis' The Punisher

Star Trek: Into Darkness  - frickin' kids these days...

It's  A Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman: The Superman Musical

Jaime Reyes and the Blue Beetle

Wally West

Daredevil <-- Find a decent Kingpin here...

Miles Morales and Ultimate Spider-Man

Superman: Birthright!  by Mark Waid

All-Star Superman!  by Grant Morrison

Superman: Red Son!  by Mark Millar

Supergirl: The Director's Cut

Tom Foss is at  The Fortress of Soliloquy and on Twitter at @dowding_tom.  I think.


Cannon: Season One w/ William Conrad

Cannon by Wally Wood

Rock me baby like a Wagon Wheel...

A few words from the Furyondy Chamber of Commerce.


Wolfgang Baur is here.  (He didn't really do any of the stuff I said he did.  He's a nice guy.  Really.)

Memorize the Wookiiepedia and learn about Billy Bob!

You should read some Patrick O'Brian!

Master & Commander

Because she's there...

Atomic Robo

Rat Queens:  Sass and Sorcery

Back to the Future

Donny's Horror Reboots:

A Nightmare on Elm Street
Friday the 13th 
Fright Night
Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Salem's Lot

The Star Wars RPG Mike meant.

Don't forget the Forgotten Realms!

Ed Greenwood!

The One Ring!

Traveller, baby!

Mutants and Masterminds!

Call of Cthulhu - Core Book

Mecatol Rex from afar and up close and personal

Captain Kirk's Cannon!

Captain Kirk's Cannon, Recreated!

Pachabel's Canon

Dyan Cannon, 1978...

Hint: the correct answer is -not- to always own a cannon

Rollie Fingers

The origin story of Monster Mike
(Someone is owed some life story rights I think...)

Teen Wolf

The Geek's main Amazon link!

Remember you can get your own copies of the bonus tracks out at Bandcamp!

Sorry, no Monthly Marathon this time out.  I'm playing binge-watch-catch-up on a few series right now and will need any bonus free time to start work on the next few eps of the podcast.  Feel free to view amongst yourselves.

PC Stinger:  Quelidan the Magnificent
This month's stinger is by an Eladrin Wizard contributed by our special guest Mr. Tom Foss.  Check out his character sheet here...

The backing sound effects used in this episode included:

-  "Moroccan Guimbri Lute", obtained via via a Creative Commons 0 license.  The original file can be found here.

It's no "Heaven and Hell", but nevertheless, special thanks for helping to inspire this episode's bonus track go out to Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan, and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere." - Carl Sagan

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