Sunday, August 4, 2013

The CVG Podcast and Rhythm & Blues Revue - Episode #004: Mannish Boys!

Episode Four of The Chippewa Valley Geek Podcast and Rhythm & Blues Revue is complete and can be found here or on iTunes.

It's August 2013, and we are continuing the gender issues discussion this month - this time from the other side of the septic tank!  Also, Eli Bremmer and the Eau Claire Coalition!

0:00:00 Intros
0:01:11 The Up Front: On SDCC
0:08:56 The Interview:  The Eau Claire Coalition
0:40:32 The Roundtable:  Masculinity and Gender Issues in Society and Geekery
1:21:18 The Community Calendar
1:25:56 The August Monthly Marathon: Golem?  I barely met ‘im!
1:28:32 The August Giveaway
1:29:49 Outro & Credits
1:31:04 Bonus Track:    Riddle of Steel

Show Notes!

The cover art used above for this month's episode post is a variant cover for Marvel Now's Thunderbolts #1 by the brilliant Skottie Young.  Check out his stuff at

The Interview!

Mr. Eli Bremer...
Eli Bremer on the mic
Here's the Kickstarter page!

Here is Gnome City Productions!

Here is When I'm Sixty Four!

Check out ECC artist Mark Lone!

Links from the Roundtable!

This American Life episode "Testosterone":
Also referenced in the episode "500":

Brene Brown:

Conan the Barbarian "Queen of the Black Coast" by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan:

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