Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Clearwater Con Event Schedule is Available!

Hey all... Here at long last is the event schedule for Clearwater Con in EC next weekend.

It's been a challenge getting it together on the short notice we set out for ourselves, but I could not be prouder of the community support and the events we have been able to bring to the table here. We have D&D and Pathfinder. We have pirates and zombies. We have time travellers and tea parties. We have Monster Mike and Jetpack Jack. And we have Shaggy and Scooby... And that's just the beginning. And remember that your con badge will get you the Gamerati discount at local retailers too.

The only thing we need now to make this one truly fantastic day of gamerati-tude is for you to come and play with us. The gaming community here in the Chippewa Valley is robust and deserves a win, dammit. With sufficient momentum, we can level up next year from one day to a full weekend. But we need your help, your support, and your dice to get there.

So let's make this happen. Please - let's keep getting the word out to anyone who hasn't heard about our event. Share the game schedule with anyone who might be interested in joining us next Saturday. And most importantly, please remember to go pre-register at to help make Clearwater Con an ongoing reality for us all.

Thanks for all your support and we'll see you at the table on July 25th!

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