Friday, January 15, 2016

The CVG Podcast and Rhythm & Blues Revue - Episode #016: Baby Please Come Holmes!

Episode Sixteen of The Chippewa Valley Geek Podcast and Rhythm & Blues Revue is complete and can be found here or on iTunes and Stitcher.  

We've got a three-pipe pod for you this month and it's all about mysteries and Holmesian gaming!

0:00:00 Intros
0:01:10 The Up Front: On the Tyranny of Excellence and Just Watching The Damn Movie Already
0:04:57 The Interview:  Game designer Bryce Whitacre clues us in on Baker Street, muses why Sherlock is a cultural touchstone, and takes on the Geek-del Test!

0:29:26 The Roundtable:  Monster Mike and Jetpack Jack discuss mysteries in RPGs, steal a time-honored podcast game, and bear witness to a drive-by gifting...
2:04:29 The Community Calendar and
 The Monthly Marathon: I'm still stuck in Season Two of Twin Peaks, but I'll start watching Dune right away too

2:08:39 Outro & Credits

Some Show Notes and Links!

Catch 22

The Village

Baker Street: Roleplaying in the World of Sherlock Holmes from Fearlight Games

Also by Bryce Whitacre:  Colonial Gothic: The Defeated Dead

Go read some Sherlock Holmes!

More on Sidney Paget

221B Baker Street (The Boardgame!)


Call of Cthulhu

Coffins & Tombstones

Why not get your Jeremy Brett on?  Or maybe your Benedict Cumberbatch or your Robert Downey Jr.?

More on Jack The Ripper

Check out the Baker Street RPG Google Group and Fearlight Games Facebook Page!

Reach out to Bryce directly here!

A search for Detectives!

Obsidian Portal

Delta Green

Conspiracy X


Tunnel and Trolls

Speak Friend and Enter...

Clue as simple as a candle

Star Trek 3D Chess  (See the rules here)

Young Sherlock Holmes

The Philo Vance Mysteries

And now a round of One True Three from the Tell 'Em Steve Dave podcast...

Check out the original game here!

Based on our own One True Three stories, it appears the CVG staff has some generalized authority issues...

Good old fashioned pancakes!

The Dresden Files

Dave Robicheaux


Ladies and Gentlemen, Dixon Hill:

Murders in the Rue Morgue by Edgar Allen Poe

Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

Murder by Death

Nemo: Heart of Ice by Alan Moore

Adventures in Oz:  Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond The Yellow Brick Road by F. Douglas Wall and Amanda Webb

Here's the Atomic Array all about Adventures in Oz

The backing sound effects used in this episode included:
-  "sleigh bells.wav", obtained via via a Creative Commons Attribution license.  The original file can be found here.
-  "Smashing #1.wav", obtained via via a Creative Commons Noncommercial license.  The original file can be found here.
-  "Musical Snow Globe - We Wish You A Merry Christmas", obtained via via a Creative Commons 0 license.  The original file can be found here.

My kind of detective...

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