Sunday, June 19, 2016

The CVG Podcast and Rhythm & Blues Revue - Episode #018: Break Your Moneymaker!

Smaug always was a sucker for the "Scrooge McDuck Dive"

Episode Eighteen of The Chippewa Valley Geek Podcast and Rhythm & Blues Revue is complete and can be found here or on iTunes and Stitcher.

We're cashing in with a discussion about economics, money and coinage in our games.

0:00:00 Intros
0:01:26 The Up Front: On Piracy and Being Poor As Flumph
0:05:37 The Interview:  Game designer Caleb Stokes talks to Monster Mike about Red Markets, economic horror, and takes on the Geek-del Test!

0:43:53 The Roundtable:  Monster Mike and Jetpack Jack, ante up and put in their two cents about how money should work in our games...
1:51:20 The Community Calendar and
 The Monthly Marathon: Bardic Lore!

1:53:15 Outro & Credits
1:54:35 Bonus Track:  "Tarras Q"

Some Show Notes and Links!

Our special guest Caleb Stokes is from Hebanon Games

Get in on The Red Markets Kickstarter!

Check out the Red Markets playtest actual play podcasts

Check out the rest of Roleplaying Public Radio Podcast

Caleb also wrote No Security: Horror Scenarios in the Great Depression

Twilight: 2000

Call of Cthulhu RPG

Delta Green

Eclipse Phase RPG

Here's everything from Cubicle 7

An Amazon search for treasure

Currencies of Krynn and Dragonlance

Wheel of Time RPG

50 Fathoms RPG

Campaign Coins

The World of Darkness

d20 Modern

In Time for Timberlake

EVE Online

Metro 2033 by Dmitri Glukhovsky

Caleb Stokes contributed this month's PC Stinger from Half Off, his PC from one of the Red Markets playtests (the fellow in the middle in the pic below).  You can learn more about the playtest campaign by reading the RPPR forums here.

The backing sound effects used in this episode included:
-  "My Tavern 1.wav", obtained via via a Creative Commons Attribution license.  The original file can be found here.
-  "Screaming_Crowd.wav", obtained via via a Creative Commons 0 license.  The original file can be found here.
-  "Dinosaur Scream.flac", obtained via via a Creative Commons Attribution license.  The original file can be found here.
-  "Dragon Scream.flac", obtained via via a Creative Commons Attribution license.  The original file can be found here.


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