Monday, January 16, 2017

Clearwater Con is joining forces with Menomocon!

In a Chippewa Valley team-up of epic proportions, Clearwater Con is teaming up with Menomocon!

What does this alliance of awesome mean for you?

Well, any paid attendee of Menomocon on April 8 will receive a $5 refund or discount towards the price of his or her weekend badge for Clearwater Con, happening July 7-9!

(For those of you paying attention, remember that the entry fee of Menomocon is only $5 at the door, so that essentially means you're getting two cons for the price of one!)

Go ahead and RSVP to Menomocon here:

And pre-reg your badge for Clearwater Con here:

(Don't worry, we'll refund the $5 off your admission in April after we see you at the table in Menomonie...)

We're still recruiting GMs for Clearwater Con, so use that link to sign up to run a game and read about our nifty GM rewards program!

Game on!

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