Sunday, November 24, 2013

Discussion Thread for the November 2013 Monthly Marathon - Itty Bitty Don't Say This In School Boy

It's a short month, and the curriculum
 is as follows...
Hellboy (2004)
Hellboy II:  The Golden Army (2008)

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  1. Initial thoughts re-watching Hellboy again.
    The Nazi baddies seem very reminiscent of the Hammer from Danger Girl. It is worth asking which came first? Probably not.
    The subplot and triangle with the "new guy" seem kind of contrived... Like someting thought up by a screenwriter, "cos we need Luv Tension". I would be curious to find out how central this character is in the books or if he is there at all.
    The monster rubs me the wrong way. I am always leery of immortal monsters where immortal means you just have to hit REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to kill it.
    Damn... guilt trip much?
    Enjoyed the trash talking Russian serf.
    Would have liked to find out more about the Seven Gods too,but I am sure that is something they couldnt spend too much time on in the movie, for fear audience heads would explode.