Saturday, November 30, 2013

The CVG Special Bulletin Podcast #001 !

2013 RPG Podcasters Charity Drive banner

A special bulletin podcast which couldn't wait for the next monthly episode, concerning Urgent Announcements Three!  Check it out here!

00:00 - Intros and hellos
Announcement #1
01:06 - The CVG is honored to join the 2013 RPG Podcasters Charity Drive!  Please go and help us out or contirbute to one of the other amazing podcasts and their causes!

Featuring an interview with Sara Nemec of the Feed My People Food Bank!

Announcement #2
15:18 - The Geek goes to Bandcamp!
Check out Songs From The Geek!  A new digital album available for your collection.  As you do. 

Announcement #3

17:15 - Check out and contribute to The Corporia Kickstarter!  Time is running out!  Go pledge your support today!
Feauring  an interview with creator Mark Plemmons!

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