Sunday, April 26, 2020

The CVG Actual Play & Community Theater Podcast 116 - D&D 5E: Tales From The Yawning Portal - Session 22: Ooze Grotto Grove!

Episode 116 of The CVG Actual Play & Community Theater Podcast is up and in stores near you (i.e. iTunes)! is up and in stores near you (i.e. iTunes)!

Remember: it's on a different feed from The CVG Podcast and Rhythm & Blues Revue, so you will need to subscribe to this feed separately if you're into it!

The game is Dungeons & Dragons: 5th Edition, by Wizards of the Coast! The campaign is Tales of the Yawning Portal!

And now a quick breakdown of our characters:

DM: Nick

PC: Garrett Tealeaf
Race:  Halfling
Class:  Monk
Background: Hermit

Player: BJ

PC: Grush
Race: Half Orc
Class: Cleric
Background: Outlander
Player: Monster Mike

PC: Ashton McSwarbrick
Race: Half Elf
Class: Bard
Background: Sage
Player: Brian

PC:  Buca Golthwui
Race:  Kobold
Class:  Sorcerer
Player:  Lewis

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Intro /Outro Music:  "Hares on the Plantation" by Waterson: Carthy


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